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Service & Repair

We work on all kinds of bikes. We treat every person and every bike with the same level of respect and care. We believe in fixing rather than replacing whenever possible. We provide honest advice and information. We stand behind our work. We inform our customers what work was performed and why it was necessary. We aim to encourage, educate, and empower cyclists of all types.

Labor Rates

Tune-Up Packages

Keep it Rolling              $69.99

Safety check. Basic clean & re-lubricate drivetrain / cables. Basic shift / brake adjustment. 

Spin it Up                  $109.99

Above, plus: Full clean, including rotors / pads / rims. Precision shift / brake adjust, including hanger alignment. Minor wheel true (major true extra). 

So Fresh, So Clean          $179.99

Above, plus: Clean & lube headset & BB cups. Degrease and re-lubricate drivetrain. Includes labor for running new cable & housing, installing drivetrain components, full wheel true, and/or brake bleed (as necessary).          

Bike Builds

Boxed Bike Build             $99.99

Includes unpacking, assembly, test ride, adjustments and setup at pickup. This rate applies to most direct-to-consumer bikes and e-bikes. Extra charges may apply to used bikes; bikes requiring time-intensive routing, suspension, electronic, or other setup; or bikes that arrive with damaged components.

Frame-Up Build              $159.99

Full frame-up bike build, including all necessary greasing and torque specs. Full wheel builds charged separately. You do not have to purchase parts from us, but we will charge hourly for any research, correspondence, or added work required to address non-compliant outside parts. Extra charges may apply to non-standard and/or time-intensive assemblies (e.g., internal routing, suspension, electric motor).

Box Bike for Shipping        $79.99

Includes careful disassembly and packing of bike for shipping. Price does not include bike box or packaging materials, BUT we will always utilize available materials when available at no extra charge. (Please contact to confirm availability.) Extra fees apply for managing shipping process.

Tear Down & Reassemble      $189.99

Full disassembly & re-assembly of used bike, including cleaning, re-greasing and lubrication, replacement of worn drivetrain components, torque to spec.

Headset / Bottom Bracket


Press In Headset                $20

Remove & Install Headset        $40

Face Headset                    $45

Clean & Re-Grease Headset       $40

Bottom Bracket

Press In BB                     $20

Remove & Install BB             $30

Clean & Re-Grease BB            $40

A la carte

Drivetrain              per shifter

Shift Adjust (front or rear)    $20

Replace Shift Cable/Housing     $25

Align or Replace Derailleur     $25

Install Cassette                $10

Size & Install Chain            $15

Install Chainring               $15

Install Crankset             $25-35

Install Flat-Bar Shifter        $25

Install Road Shifter (pair)              $50

Full Drivetrain Swap (Flat)     $75

Full Drivetrain Swap (Road)     $85

Brakes                    per brake

Adjust Rim Brakes               $20

Adjust Mechanical Disc Brakes   $20

Replace Brake Cable/Housing     $25

True Rotor                   $10-15

Bleed Brake (fluid included)    $40

Cut Hose (no bleed)             $10

Install Brakeset (no bleed)     $30

Replace Disc Pads (no bleed)    $10

Replace Rotor (no bleed)        $10


Install Bars (Road)             $25

Install Bars (Flat)             $20

Install Stem                    $10

Tape Bars                       $20

Install Grips                   $10

Install Saddle / Seatpost       $10

Cut Bars / Seatpost             $15


Tubes / Tubeless / Tires

Flat Fix                        $10

Install Tire                    $10

Tubeless Setup                  $25

Tubeless Sealant Refill          $6

Glue Tubular Tire            $60-65

Rims / Spokes

True Wheel                   $15-40

Replace Spoke    $10 + $5 per spoke

Fix Minor Rim Dent              $10

Build Wheel                     $60


Front Hub Service               $30

Rear Hub Service                $40

Mavic Hub Service               $25

I9 Hub Re-Grease                $20

Replace Freehub Body         $20-25


Replace Bearings & Bushings  hourly

Charge depends upon number and difficulty of items to be serviced and/or replaced. Please bring your bike in for an estimate.

Install & Set Up Fork           $40

Includes steer tube cut, installation of star nut or expansion plug, stem re-assembly.

Install & Set Up Shock          $20

Includes sag adjustment.

Cut Steer Tube                  $15

Does not include any further re-assembly.

*parts charged separately

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