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Electric Bikes

Our mechanics have extensive experience with all sorts of electric bike systems. Whether you are looking to begin your electric bike journey or keep your e-bike rolling smoothly, we can help out!

We now carry VELOTRIC electric bikes!

Featuring UL-certified batteries, smart designs to match the needs of different riders, and beautiful fit and finish, we believe Velotric produces the best-value electric bikes on the market today!

Buy from RMA and you'll not only get online price matching, but free assembly and bike setup along with a local partner to help you along your electric bike journey!

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Velotric Go1.png
Velotric Discover 1.png
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Recreational Riding

Still want to pedal, but wish you could flatten our local hills? Read this review to see why we love the Marin Sausalito E1 for this application!

Marin Sausalito STE1.jpg
Benno cargo.webp

Cargo / Family Transportation

The Benno line of bikes offers Class 3 power in a manageable size, with beautiful function and finish to boot. Optimal car-replacement machines!


Looking for something lightweight and low-profile? Look no further than the State 6061, a stealthy single-speed bike that is prime for customization!

Electric Bike Services

Electric Bike Assembly

Standard Assembly              $125

Standard charge for building an e-bike up out of the box. Additional charges may apply for non-standard bikes and/or additional accessory installations.

Electric Bike Conversions

Standard Conversion          $1,699

Includes battery / motor and labor for standard install. Any additional parts or extra work required for non-standard bikes -- e.g., trikes, tandems, etc. -- are billed on top of this standard charge. Estimates available upon request.

Expert Consultation, Diagnostics & Repairs

Mechanical Repairs   Standard Rates

Electric bikes share many component systems with regular bicycles. If your e-bike can be fixed in the same manner as any other bike, our rates are the same as for any other bike. Extra charges may be necessary where electrical systems expand the scope of work. 

Electrical Diagnosis/Repair  $80/hr

Initial assessments at check-in are performed free of charge. We charge an hourly fee for expert electric bike service because electric bike diagnostics and repair often require disassembly / reassembly of the bike and/or extensive research and communication with manufacturers. 

Consultation - 1 hr session     $50

Schedule a block of time to meet with our e-bike expert to determine your perfect e-bike. This fee can be applied towards a purchase or conversion if you elect to acquire your e-bike through our shop!      

Electric Bikes in Roanoke

Roanoke, Virginia is a great place to ride an electric bike!

Our shop is located right along the super popular Roanoke River Greenway. The Greenway is the most popular place to ride electric bikes, but it's also one of the few flat bike paths in the immediate area! E-bikes are ideal for recreational riders who prefer some extra assistance on steeper terrain. The Star of Roanoke is an iconic feature that rewards visitors with a great view, but getting there on a traditional bicycle -- via Fishburn Parkway or the Mill Mountain Greenway -- requires a significant effort. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a popular cycling route, but even its relatively flat sections feature numerous climbs. Tackling the challenging hills is much easier on an e-bike.

In addition, electric bikes allow some riders to expand the distance they can travel and the bike routes they feel comfortable riding. There are hundreds of miles of rail trails in the Roanoke Valley, New River Valley, and broader Southwest Virginia region. This includes favorites such as the New River Trail, Jackson River Scenic Trail, Huckleberry Trail, Virginia Creeper Trail, Greenbrier Trail (across the border into West Virginia). And there's more to come, such as the Craig Botetourt Scenic Trail that is set for construction. For some users, riding the full lengths of these trails may require electric motor assistance. 

Beyond the recreational applications for e-bikes, many people around the world are recognizing the benefits of electric bikes as transportation solutions. An e-bike may not represent a complete car replacement for all users, but it can certainly limit the number of miles you need to operate your motor vehicle. Unlike a car or truck, e-bikes are easy to park, don't require gasoline and trips to the filling station, don't require any license or insurance, can be ridden on shared use paths as well as streets, cost much less to own and maintain, and allow the rider to move freely in the open air(though admittedly at times this can be a disadvantage!).

Especially in a town with hills, an electric bike is a great option to replace or supplement a motor vehicle. Cargo style e-bikes can be adapted to your particular purposes. They can be great work vehicles for small businesses. They can be set up to tow trailers or carry cargo for grocery shopping and running errands. And they are excellent for transporting children to school, work, or daycare. 

Needless to say, there are many different applications and many different considerations for a rider considering an electric bike purchase. We would love to help you find the best possible solution for your needs. Our shop sells electric bikes that we believe offer the best value and optimal solutions for many riders in the Roanoke area. But we are proud to assemble, repair, and buy and sell all types of electric bikes, regardless whether purchased at our shop or through a direct to consumer brand. As your local electric bike shop, we'll always provide the same level of service no matter where the bike came from and no matter how you use it.

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